Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Davis and I made a spur-of-the-moment trip to Nashville this past weekend, and we had the best time! Kim and Nick were very close to having 2 roommates!

We loaded up on Thursday along with Riley, Flynn, and Rosie and made the drive to beautiful Tennessee! After catching up and letting the dogs explore, we ate a wonderful dinner at the Wild Hare. Kim and I shared an amazing Fig and Prosciutto Pizza, and Davis had a grass-fed beef hamburger that he could NOT stop talking about! Once we were home, we had to catch up on Nashville (the show)! I loved watching it with Kim so she could give me the inside scoop about the places in the show!
While Kim and Nick were working on Friday, Davis and I explore their huge backyard and then went to the Hidden Lake State Park so we could wear the dogs out while we played Friday afternoon!

Once Kim was done with work, she showed us some fun parts of Nashville, and then we ate a yummy lunch at Edley's Barbecue. We literally rolled out of there when we were done! Imogene and Willie was the next stop on our agenda. It is the most unique store I have every seen. They put you in a pair of jeans, and then a seamstress hems and tailors them to you while you wait! I knew it was my kind of store when their dog Lollie greeted us at the door! After Davis' jeans were done, we met up with Nick at home to figure out our plans for the night!
Imogene and Willie was located in an old filling station!
Seamstresses at Imogene and Willie
Chillin' with Lollie
We ended up at the Patterson House, which would be described as a sort of secretive speakeasy. They do not make reservations until you get there, and once in the lobby, there is a curtain blocking the view of the bar. The four of us had planned to eat dinner somewhere else, but after about an hour of waiting, we decided we couldn't leave to make our other reservations. We were committed to Patterson House! Once we made it "in," we tested very unique cocktails, but we couldn't say we liked all of them! Nick tried a Bacon Maple cocktail that we were making bets with each other to drink it was so bad! As we were leaving, we had a celebrity sighting that made Kim and I so excited!! We literally ran into Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) from the show Nashville! Needless to say, it made our night!

On Saturday, we had to go to the Phunky Griddle! Kim had told me all about it, and I had to go! It did not disappoint! After a very filling breakfast, we made a stop by the American Picker's Antique Archaeology store. Kim even spotted something she had seen from the show!

Davis really wanted this Indian shirt. Don't ask me why!
Kim remembered this from one of the shows!

That afternoon, the guys wanted to try the Bucksnort Trout Ranch. It was such a nice day to spend outside, and we had tons of fun and laughs!

On our last night in Nashville, we decided we had to do the Nashville thing and go downtown to the country bars! Davis and Nick even got in character with their cowboy hats! After some wonderful people watching and even a few bull rides, we made it home in the Karaoke Kab! We were all getting a little tired, until we got in the Kab and all caught our second wind! It was definitely the most fun I have ever had in a taxi home! I don't know why real cabs even exist anymore!

Sadly, on Sunday, we had to get up and get on the road. But, we will definitely be heading back to the Music City soon! Kim and Nick were the best hosts, and left us feeling like we couldn't have had a better time! There will be lots more fun the next time we visit!
These two were exhausted after a fun filled weekend!


  1. This looks like such a fun trip. Yall got to do so much. I am so jealous of the jeans store and your celebrity siting.

  2. Sounds like y'all had so much fun!